About Us

ENERGY, MATERIALS & SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTING LLC, (EMS CONSULTING) is a consultancy and rep agency with expertise in the following topical areas:

  • Regulatory compliance, including environmental (air, water, solid waste, etc.) and occupational safety and health (OSHA).
  • Management Systems, including international standards for managing energy, health and safety food safety, environmental affairs, and product quality (ISO 50000, ISO 45000, ISO 22000, ISO 14000, and ISO 9000 respectively).
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation as it applies to buildings and manufacturing processes.
  • Materials, Clean and Lean Manufacturing, including process mapping and materials efficiency projects, for manufacturing operations.
  • Sustainability, including projects related to buildings, organizations, customer requirements and continual improvement. This includes certification to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Green Globes standards for “green” buildings, related facility planning and Green Team creation and training.

The products and the companies we rep are those related to our core competencies – the 5 technology areas listed above. Click here to access our Products page.

Founded in 2012, EMS CONSULTING is a maturing company, but it is long on experience in these 5 core competencies. EMS CONSULTING ‘s staff and partners have dozens of years in business collectively and individually and Warren J. Weaver, its founder, has provided services to over 800 satisfied client companies, all in the last 20 years. EMS CONSULTING’s network partners have more than doubled this record of clients’ services in exemplary fashion. The experience gained from this consulting work has honed EMS CONSULTING’s offerings so that useful services are relevant to clients’ needs. These services enable clients to continually improve in areas such as materials and energy efficiency, regulatory compliance, management system conformance and certification and the sustainability of their businesses in all aspects – environmental, social, energy and, yes, even financial.

Not only do our clients benefit by implementing our various point-source solutions, but we also help them understand their specific, strategic needs in a complex and rapidly changing business environment.

Mission Statement

To foster growth in the business community by driving sustainable business practices.

Vision Statement

EMS Consulting, a knowledge repository for sustainability, will continue to grow its knowledge, skill, capability, expertise and reputation to become a valued, innovative provider of services in each of its 5 core competencies, including,

a) Regulatory Compliance to meet both environmental and OSHA requirements,
b) Management Systems – ISO 50001 for energy, ISO 4500 and OHSAS 18001 for workplace safety and health, ISO 14001 for environmental, ISO 22000 for food safety & ISO 9001 for quality management systems,
c) Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation,
d) Materials Management, Clean Manufacturing and Lean Manufacturing, and
e) Sustainability services for organizations, buildings and energy-consuming equipment and systems.

We will deliver consulting services and sell related equipment and systems within each of these technology focus areas. We will go where the work is, but concentrate on the eastern 2/3 of Pennsylvania, and all of Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.

EMS Consulting will expand via trusted network partners within its area of core competencies and geography as identified herein.

Within 3 years, EMS Consulting will be a mature consulting and manufacturer’s rep firm with dozens of completed projects and satisfied customers.

Core Competencies

EMS Consulting’s core competencies shall be confined to the 5 technology areas identified in its Vision Statement.

Service Delivery Modes

In order to deliver world-class services in each of these technology areas, EMS Consulting uses the following service delivery modes and maintains expertise in each:

• Analyses, Assessments and Audits
• Specialized and Customized Training
• Plan Development
• Certifications / Implementation Assistance
• Consultation / Facilitation
• Specialty Tools
• Reporting
• Permitting


EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver is an ISO 14001-environmental management system (EMS) auditor and ISO 50001-energy management system (EnMS) auditor (Exemplar Global #051734 for both). Click here to view the EMS (14001) auditor certification and click here to view the EnMS (50001) auditor certification..

Weaver holds a BA in Chemistry and an MBA. Click here to view Weaver’s bio and click here for his CV.

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Contact us today to learn more about what EMS CONSULTING can do for your company to increase your top-line growth and bottom-line efficiencies while meeting your customers’ sustainability requirements and increasing your company’s stature in your local and business communities in an intelligent and sustainable way.

We offer many ways to achieve each of your regulatory compliance, management systems and sustainable business goals. Let us help you get started!

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