Sustainability and Green

Assessments, Standards Implementation and More

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EMS CONSULTING offers strategic assessments (both snapshot and in-depth) to evaluate the level of sustainability relating to hazards, wastes, resource utilization, material efficiency, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and more.

EMS CONSULTING will assist you in identifying and implementing programs that improve your organization’s sustainability, including its environmental, social, financial, strategic and energy sustainability, understand the key metrics to track and how to collect and analyze the data to do so and create “dashboards” to share this data with key stakeholders. Among the program options are Green Teams, recycling, Energy Star, CERES and more.
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EMS CONSULTING offers facility planning services that address new building specifications, existing building re-purposing, building systems commissioning and improved sustainability via green architecture and energy systems and more.

EMS CONSULTING is able to ensure LEED standard conformity and applicability and can also assist you in collecting and presenting required information to certify your building to the chosen US Green Building Council’s LEED standard.
Or, if you’d like to consider Green Globes, a lower cost alternative to LEED, we can get you certified to that standard instead.

Training classes are available on topics such as water, waste, employee transit, business travel and materials efficiency, among others. Training is available for your cross-functional green team, your management team or to a specific team that you select for sustainable program implementation.

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Sustainability and Green