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Using a Sustainability Assessment Tool (SAT) developed for the US EPA, evaluate an organization’s level of sustainability in broad-brush terms by answering 28 specific questions. Takes about an hour, usually with the CEO. This is a FREE service.
Quantitatively evaluates the level of sustainability by evaluating data related to hazards, wastes, resource utilization, material efficiency, product packaging, energy consumption, environmental performance and others from a continual improvement and standardization perspective. Evaluation addresses top and bottom line opportunities.
Using the innovation and facilitation techniques of a trusted EMS CONSULTING network partner, work with an organization’s CEO or management team to develop a comprehensive sustainability approach and guide implementation.
Prepare annual sustainability reports for stakeholders (including shareholders) to report progress compared to goals on all of a company’s key performance indicators (KPIs, including environmental, societal, workplace safety and health, energy and general sustainability).
Perform a lifecycle cost analysis of any product, manufacturing process, facility or organization (for profit or not-for-profit). Addresses any or all environmental and energy aspects of the analysis subject, including carbon footprint.
Assess a new buildings’ design readiness to be certified as a green building and at what level.
For renovation projects of existing buildings, assess a the interior of a new buildings’ design readiness to be certified as a green building and at what level.
Assess an existing buildings’ readiness to be certified as a green building and at what level.
Assistance with applying the Standard to your facility, operation and / or product. Addresses the question, “How many LEED points will your product, process and / or equipment contribute to my LEED project / building?
Manage the process to identify the systems and elements required to meet your selected LEED standard, coordinate the planning and design of your building to incorporate those systems and elements, and oversee the documentation needed to assure your award of the LEED designation.(5)
Assist you to collect, collate and present the information required to certify your building to the chosen US Green Building Council’s LEED standard.(5)
Green Globes, based on the ANSI/GBI 01-2010: Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings, is a less expensive and time-consuming certification that is the US GBC’s LEED standard certification. With a certified Green Globes building, you too can show your business associates, clients, customers and suppliers the important progress you have made in protecting the environment and in becoming energy efficient. Our certified Green Globes professional will guide you to building certification
Provide client green / sustainability team members with mentoring and guidance and the team with facilitation to get them on the right track and provide guidance as they grow, normalize and mature.(5)
Provide specific training on Sustainability (2-hour Executive Overview and 1-day Principles of Sustainability training are currently available). Both include, “Understanding the Business Case for Sustainability.” Additional classes to be developed on a case-by-case basis.
Employee and outside stakeholder engagement. Internal and external communications: marketing, branding, and messaging. Techniques to help with tactical planning processes and advance the efficiency of sustainability team collaborations. Continual alignment with company mission/vision/values. Services are provided through a trusted EMS CONSULTING network partner.
Apply sustainable strategies to conduct fast and productive innovation sessions for the development of new products and services, as well as process improvements. Services are provided through a trusted EMS CONSULTING network partner.
Specific classes on sustainable business practices: Lighting, HVAC, Equipment, Water, Waste, Employee transit, Business travel, and Action plans. Services are provided through a trusted EMS CONSULTING network partner.
A specially packaged suite of training modules aimed at increasing the literacy of sales and service professionals in the subject of sustainability; to enable them to recognize sustainability-related opportunities in their customers’ facilities / organizations and to enable them to engage comfortably with their current and prospective customers on topics related to sustainability relative to your specific products and services.
Learn the details of the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards and why you might use it to differentiate the building from others in the vicinity.(5)
Training addresses why and how to establish a green team (for facility management if one doesn’t yet exist) OR perform an initial training for assigned green team members, either separately or as part of a mentoring / facilitation project.

EMS CONSULTING offers strategic assessments (both snapshot and in-depth) to evaluate the level of sustainability relating to hazards, wastes, resource utilization, material efficiency, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and more.

EMS CONSULTING will assist you in identifying and implementing programs that improve your organization’s sustainability, including its environmental, social, financial, strategic and energy sustainability, understand the key metrics to track and how to collect and analyze the data to do so and create “dashboards” to share this data with key stakeholders. Among the program options are Green Teams, recycling, Energy Star, CERES and more.
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EMS CONSULTING offers facility planning services that address new building specifications, existing building re-purposing, building systems commissioning and improved sustainability via green architecture and energy systems and more.

EMS CONSULTING is able to ensure LEED standard conformity and applicability and can also assist you in collecting and presenting required information to certify your building to the chosen US Green Building Council’s LEED standard.
Or, if you’d like to consider Green Globes, a lower cost alternative to LEED, we can get you certified to that standard instead.

Training classes are available on topics such as water, waste, employee transit, business travel and materials efficiency, among others. Training is available for your cross-functional green team, your management team or to a specific team that you select for sustainable program implementation.

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