Materials, Clean and Lean Manufacturing

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This category of services is one with which we have had a lot of experience. We’ve also come to realize that it is one for which there has been little demand lately. It is, ironically, also one for which there are lots of opportunities for improvement. In the majority of Clean Manufacturing assessments we have performed, there have been $1 million + opportunities for first year improvements – and realistic ways of achieving them.

Note that this category also includes water conservation. Water conservation is a much-overlooked opportunity as many materials are oftentimes washed down the drain with the water. So, even though water is inexpensive (cheap), the ramifications of its use, indeed often overuse, can be substantial – 10s, 100s and even 1000s of thousands of dollars of opportunities are literally going down the drain. We know how to identify wastes and water conservation opportunities. Give us a call and give us a try.

Materials Efficiency

EMS offers a material’s assessment, which will determine opportunities to eliminate chemical hazards and to cut consumption of scarce and in some cases non-renewable and quite valuable resources to preserve them for future generations. Opportunities would also be determined to reduce materials consumption by improving materials efficiency.

Clean and Lean Manufacturing

Walk-through assessments are available to verify Lean and Clean opportunities. More advanced and in-depth assessments are also available. Once opportunities are identified, EMS CONSULTING can work with you to implement the improvements.

Executive overview training, Principles of Clean and Implementing Clean training courses are all available. Many Lean courses are also available, including set-up reduction, cellular, value stream mapping, Kaisen and more.

Contact us for more details on Clean Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing and materials management (including materials accounting and materials efficiency) and EMS CONSULTING’s services for each, include those utilizing auditing skills, training knowledge and materials and implementation assistance.

Note: Services can be selected a la cart and grouped for greater cost effectiveness.

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Materials, Clean and Lean Manufacturing
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