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By performing a “pre-audit” known as a gap analysis, EMS CONSULTING will analyze the various elements of your existing management system in comparison to its relevant standard (ISO 50k, 45k, 22k, 14k, & 9k respectively).  We also offer an audit of your management system to verify conformance and recommend improvements.

We offer services to guide and assist you with your ISO implementation to ensure adherence of international standards of management systems for any of the above standards. We can also develop all of the programs for you and assist you to implement it to save you valuable time in-house.

We provide two to three day training on how to audit your employer’s Management System. This training – called internal auditor training – is available for each of the identified management systems.  We will train you on how to audit and what to audit for.

We also provide awareness training for all of your employees, as required by each of the standards.

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