Network Partners

To expand the capabilities and capacity of EMS CONSULTING, we have entered into strategic partnerships with more than a dozen entities and individuals. A connection to each of their websites is provided here. For strategic partners who are also service providers (consultants), we have provided click-able links to each of their bios.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions about our network partners. Contact us to do so.

Dan O’Connell, A2Z Compliance, spends most of his professional time assisting clients with Environmental compliance activities, including reporting, permit application, documentation, auditing and plan development and implementation and facilitation. Although highly competent to do so, Dan spends less of his time working on OSHA compliance.

Dan is EMS CONSULTING’s Southcentral Pennsylvania-based environmental compliance expert. Let Dan perform your environmental (and / or OHSA) assessment, apply for your stormwater or air quality permit or submit your Form R’s and other solid waste reports to PA DEP for you. EMS CONSULTING and A2Z Compliance want to help you attain – and then maintain – regulatory compliance – a critical base for a principled and sustainable manufacturing operation.

EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver and A2Z Compliance’s O’Connell have known each other for 10+ years, sharing a mutual regard for one another and interests outside of work. Click here to access O’Connell’s bio. Click here to go to A2Z Compliance’s website.

AFS Energy Systems, Lemoyne, PA designs, manufactures and installs modern, advanced biomass (solid fuel) boilers including thermally-led combined heat and power (CHP) systems. With over 20 years of hands on General Contracting experience Paul, their Sales Director, is quite knowledgeable about the application opportunities for these modern wood heating systems.

John Frailey, PE the VP of Engineering and Partner at AFS is the principal designer who also engineers and commissions every system produced by AFS. Both Paul and John can provide the proper level of expertise for answering system integration inquiries with all prospective clients.

EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver and AFS’s Lewandowski have worked and collaborated for over 10 years and have represented at several Industry trade shows together.

EMS CONSULTING is an agency rep for AFS Energy Systems, about which we provide more information in the “Products” section. Click here to access AFS Energy Systems’ website.

Dennis (Denny) Buck is an accomplished safety expert. He is a 20+ year alumni of the Pennsylvania OSHA Consultation Program through Indiana University of Pennsylvania who now has his own consultancy. He has 2000+ client visits and cases of compliance consultation to his credit. He is an accomplished safety trainer, who has completed more than 100 OSHA 10- and 30-hour training events, some through EMS CONSULTING. Denny is the consummate storyteller. He weaves apropos stories into his compliance assistance and training activities in a very memorable way. Denny is a Certified Hazard Control Manager, Master Level (CHCM), a Certified Safety Manager (CSM) and an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer (Construction, General Industry).

EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver and Buck & Associates’ Buck go back 10+ years. Denny is a highly regarded network partner. To view Denny’s bio, click here.

C. H. Reed is a manufacturers’ rep and distributor for a variety of systems and equipment that make manufacturing easier, simpler, more reliable, more energy efficient and safer. Like EMS CONSULTING, C. H. Reed is multi-talented, grouping the equipment they rep into 5 categories:

• Ergonomic hand tools

• Compressed air

• Fluid and finishing systems

• Services

C. H. Reed has a very talented staff supporting each technology group, the appropriate one to which we can connect you based on your need. EMS CONSULTING can help you access the appropriate expertise and work with you on plan development in any of C. H. Reed’s core competencies.

EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver and C. H. Reed’s Moyer have known each other for 10+ years and are members of our own mutual respect society. EMS CONSULTING has provided training to a variety of C. H. Reed’s personnel and Weaver has performed other projects for Moyer during each of our prior lives. A further connection is that EMS CONSULTING is a representative for C. H. Reed’s products and services and Moyer is a member of MANTEC’s board of directors, while Weaver is collocated at MANTEC and is one of their Qualified Solutions Providers (QSPs). Click here to access C. H. Reed’s website.

Dan Witczak is a professional engineer working as a developer of compressed natural gas (CNG) systems for the transportation industry. Dan’s company provides consulting services to those who want to consider converting their fleet to CNG. Dan is one of our newer network partners, one who fills a niche not covered by other partners. EMS CONSULTING can help you access CNG Applications engineering services for planning and project development services. Click here to connect to CNG Applications’ website.
DEKRA Certification, formerly KEMA Quality Systems, is a certification body that certifies clients’ management systems to their corresponding international standards – ISO 9001 for quality management systems, ISO 14001 for environmental management systems, ISO 22000 for food safety management systems and ISO 50001 for energy management systems, to name a few.

DEKRA became a leader in ISO 50001 by partnering with the US Department of Energy to become the first certification body qualified to certify clients’ energy management systems to the ISO 50001 international standard AND to the ANSI 50021 national standard for Superior Energy Performance. It was while EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver was gearing up the PennTAP ISO 50001 effort that he first met DEKRA’s Cem Onus, then DEKRA’s national sales manager. The connection clicked, leading to EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver being invited to become a member of DEKRA’s Committee to Protect Impartiality, an important advisory role to ensure appropriate interaction between DEKRA and its clients, and as a resource to arbitrate conflicts over certification between DEKRA and its clients, if no other means of conflict resolution works.

EMS CONSULTING has been contracted as DEKRA’s training provider for ISO 50001 and has performed about a half dozen training sessions up and down the East Coast. EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver and DEKRA’s Onus, now DEKRA’s Managing Director for Business Assurance, have known each other for 5+ years. Click here to access DEKRA Certification’s website.

Tom is an Engineer with 20+ years of experience in the water and wastewater treatment business. His company, Dynatec Systems, specializes in systems that utilize cross-flow membrane technology, technology that removes contaminants from water to various degrees of cleanliness that enables wastewater recycling into industrial processes, water purification and wastewater recycling into highly critical uses such as food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and as a raw material for soft drink manufacturing, wastewater discharge to meet local sewer authority pretreatment standards, wastewater discharge to meet US EPA stream discharge standards (including into streams considered “pristine”) and to cleanse water to improve its potability.

EMS CONSULTING is an agency rep for Dynatec Systems, about which we provide more information in the “Products” section.  In addition, EMS CONSULTING can assist our clients to access Dynatec’s engineering services to help with the planning and design of an appropriate water or wastewater solution.

EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver and Dynatec’s Doherty have a 20+-year relationship that involves a high degree of mutual respect. To access Dyantec’s website, click here.

The Emerging Technology Applications Center (ETAC) of Northampton Community College in Bethlehem is an applied research and development facility. For over 20 years, this team of experts has been offering a wide variety of manufacturing companies assistance to help increase productivity, improve product quality, achieve and maintain environmental compliance, perform energy assessments and reduce their environmental footprint. ETAC finds the most cost-effective solutions, resulting in higher profits and a more competitive position.

Dr. John Barkanic and Preston “Pete” Roberts have been with ETAC since the beginning. John has 30 years of experience in new product and process development. He is an expert at applying energy-based solutions to manufacturing processes in an energy-efficient and effective manner. Pete has over 35 years experience in HVAC, industrial processes and applied research and development and technology deployment. He is an expert in energy generation (having previously worked for PPL), energy consumption, electricity demand and energy auditing. Pete is an expert in energy assessments and is certified by the US Department of Energy as an auditor for various energy-using systems, such as compressed air.

John and Pete work effectively as a team, along with other ETAC personnel, to perform energy audits that are credible so they can be used as “investment grade” audits, i.e., that their client could adequately use them to obtain a commercial loan for energy improvement projects based on the content of the audit report.

EMS Consulting’s Weaver and ETAC’s Barkanic and Roberts have known each other for nearly 20 years and have a high degree of mutual respect. Click here to connect to ETAC’s website.

Food Safety & Quality Management’s Alan McConnell is a former PennTAP colleague of EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver. Alan is a food safety professional, having worked in the industry and as a consultant to industry for 20+ years. Alan consults on food safety, food quality, food processing systems, writes HACCP plans, and can assist FS&QM’s clients with food safety certifications, including SQF, GFSI, FS 22000 and ISO 22000. Alan performs food security, food quality and food safety training for his clients and partners.

EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver and FS&QM’s McConnell have a 10+-year relationship that involves a high degree of mutual respect. Click here to access FS&QM’s website.

Industrial Energy Engineering provides:
•    Boiler/MACT Energy Assessments to comply with 40 CFR 63, Subpart DDDDD (5D) and JJJJJJ (6J)
•    Comprehensive Energy Assessments (all gas and electric users) for cost reduction and sustainability.
•    Tax Reduction Utility Study for State Sales Tax Reduction
•    ASHRAE Level III audits
•    Process Engineering
•    Safety Engineering, Process Hazards Analysis

IEE is located in the greater Pittsburgh area and serves all of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, as well as Virginia and North Carolina and the remainder of EMS CONSULTING’s service area.  IEE has been in existence for 10+ years, providing advanced energy services to a wide range of clients.

Chris Steffy, the Senior Energy Engineer for IEE, is a Chemical Engineer with very advanced analytical capabilities and energy-related experience that enables him to performed assessments very efficiently and effectively. Chris is a US DOE Qualified Energy Assessor for Steam Systems, Boilers, Process Heaters and Thermal Oxidizers as well as Electrical Systems.

Click here to access Chris’ bio. Click here to link to IEE’s website.

Ralene has degrees in Environmental Science from Penn State University, following which, she worked for several companies in the environmental, health & safety fields. She then came to work for Penn State’s PennTAP program, initially providing EH&S services to clients around the Commonwealth, including implementation assistance on ISO 14001 environmental management systems, about which she wrote her master’s thesis. Concurrently with EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver, then also with PennTAP, Ralene learned energy auditing and the requirements of the then new ISO 50001 energy management system.

Ralene went on to become PennTAP’s foremost authority on ISO 50001, having performed a dozen plus ISO 50001 gap analyses and assisted several companies to implement ISO 50001-conformant energy management systems and, as a direct result, save millions of kilowatt-hours of electricity, billions of BTUs and hundreds of thousands of dollars on their energy bills. She single-handedly ran a conference to publicize the results of this good work in 2015.

Ralene has now left PennTAP and has struck out on her own. Ralene is an ISO 50001 certified auditor and professional and is a certified LEED Green Associate.

EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver and Molina-Kreiser have a 10+-year relationship that involves a high degree of mutual respect. She does excellent work. Click here to view her full bio.

Adam Marsh is the founder of Ledge, Inc., a consultancy formed with the expressed purpose of assisting clients with management system implementation – primarily quality management systems for certification to the ISO 9001 international standard, but also ISO 14001 for EMSs and ISO 22000 for FSMSs. Adam occasionally works with his father, Fred Marsh, FL Marsh & Associates, who has been implementing ISO 90001-conformant QMSs for 20+ years. EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver and FL Marsh & Associates’ Marsh have known of each other for 10+ years, but operated in parallel universes with Marsh focusing on ISO 9001 and Weaver focusing initially on ISO 14001 and more recently also on ISO 50001. Click here to access Ledge, Inc.’s website.
MANTEC, Inc., the Industrial Resource Center for Southcentral PA, is a network partner in two senses. First, it has signed EMS CONSULTING as a Qualified Solutions Provider (QSP), a beneficial status that enables EMS CONSULTING to provide innovative, value-added and SPEC* services to MANTEC’s Southcentral Pennsylvania clients on a preferential basis. Second, MANTEC’s Dave Freimuth and Mark Robertson, both Lean Manufacturing experts, are available to work on Clean & Lean, Green Supplier Network and Economy, Energy and Environment (E3) projects with EMS – and have. Click here to view Dave Freimuth’s bio. Click here to view Mark Robertson’s bio. Click here to connect to MANTEC’s website.

* Sustainable, productive, efficient and competitive

Josh has been an EMS CONSULTING network partner for some time. More recently, Josh has changed affiliations and is now Vice President of Nutec Design, a York-based architectural engineering firm. Josh is an expert on “the built space”, on green design, on the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) to make designed spaces energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. Josh is interested in EMS CONSULTING’s sustainability assessments, materials and Clean Manufacturing auditing skills and capabilities as a value-added service to Nutec’s services. We have a handshake agreement that prospective services for new, renovated buildings or building expansions will be referred their way. Any takers out there? Click here to connect to Nutec Design’s website.
Paul Siegel is founder and president of Practical Energy Solutions (PES), a West Chester, PA-based energy consultancy. Dianne Herrin is PES’ Director of Energy Programs and Justin Murray is PES’ Director of Technical Services. All three are company principals. PES offers many energy services, including energy auditing (Justin is an energy auditor certified by the Association of Energy Engineers), sustainable energy solutions, project management, energy modeling, energy planning, energy consumption analysis and construction management. EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver first met a PES representative at an ISO 50001 presentation he made at PA DEP’s Norristown offices. This led to a overview presentation about ISO 50001 at a PES “lunch and learn” and Diane attending one of the DEKRA Certification ISO 50001-overview training sessions. PES has identified EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver as its provider of ISO 50001 services to its clients. For access to the Spiegel, Herrin and Murray bios, click here. To access the PES website, click here.
QSEM Solutions is one of EMS CONSULTING’s newer network partners, having been introduced in April 2015 by mutual associate, Chris Steffy with Industrial Energy Engineering. Chris does energy work for both QSEM and EMS CONSULTING and introduced us because of obvious synergies. QSEM is an Ohio-based full service environmental, health and safety firm specializing in air quality compliance for their clients. QSEM’s eastern-most office is in Pittsburgh (where Chris and IEE are located). QSEM is an obvious fit geographically as EMS CONSULTING can perform work they acquire in Eastern Pennsylvania as well as add capabilities they don’t offer their clients, and they can perform services for clients we acquire toward the West.  Click here to go to their website.
RevLNG is a supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) based in Northern Pennsylvania with a Northeastern US regional reach. RevLNG compresses natural gas into a cryogenic liquid that is easy to transport over the road with their fleet of tankers. David, co-owner of RevLNG and its president, is an expert in the field and a fascinating entrepreneur. EMS CONSULTING has an agency rep agreement with RevLNG that we highlight on our “Products” page (create a link to it, Joe). EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver and RevLNG’s Kailbourne met in 2013 at the Pennsylvania Governor’s Awards Program where our respective clients each won awards for Environmental Excellence. We discussed our businesses and when an opportunity came to work together, we both jumped on it. In our meetings with customers, David has proven to be highly believable and willing to go the extra mile to delight customers. If you want to talk about how to use LNG in your business – as a primary fuel, as a back-up fuel or as a transportation fuel, give us a call. EMS CONSULTING is an agency rep for RevLNG, about which we provide more information in the “Products” section. To connect to the RevLNG website, click here.
Jill Jennings is the founder and owner of Sustainable Management Systems. As a former consultant to the accommodations industry, having done work for several national brands, including Marriott. Jill has been working on her skills in the energy and energy management system arena, including ISO 50001 implementation, with the intent to take it back to the accommodations industry as well as to other commercial and industrial businesses. She is also repping a product that reduces electricity consumption and demand charges and is looking to expand that part of her business. Also, one of EMS CONSULTING’s newer network partners, SMS was added in 2015.
ThermoCat, LLC, was EMS CONSULTING’s first network partner and is an EMS CONSULTING energy expert. Scott is a certified thermographer and an experienced ASHRAE Level 2 energy auditor. He has taken the Building Performance Institute’s and EPA’s EnergyStar training. More recently, Scott has become a Green Globes Certified Professional, the only one in Central Pennsylvania.

Scott uses this training and much other to perform comprehensive energy audits of buildings and energy consuming systems, including compressed air, HVAC, boilers and lighting. He uses state-of-the-art instrumentation to acquire the necessary data, including an Infrared camera, an Ultrasonic detection device and data loggers. Through ThermoCat, Scott can engineer and install energy solutions, including those identified during his energy audits. Click here to connect to the ThermoCat website.  >Click here to access his bio.

ThermoCat is a distributor and installer for a variety to energy saving and alternative energy systems, including power management systems, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems. EMS CONSULTING is an agency rep for ThermoCat, about which we provide more information in the “>Products” section.

Of note, ThermoCat is a distributor for Power Metrics International’s SP-1000™ power management system, an intelligent system that cuts electricity consumption and demand using advanced system software. ThermoCat and EMS CONSULTING have put a lot of effort into these systems and have several productive and effective installations (a case study resides in the >Knowledge Docs section of this website. >Click here to download it. To find out more about this innovative, patented technology, >click here.

Among other things, Vantage ETC manages energy services for more than 8000 commercial buildings owned by more than 3000 customers in the greater New York City area. To ensure that they offer all of the services required of their customers, Nick stays abreast of what’s happening with energy by attending energy focused trade shows. It was at one of these shows in 2014 that EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver struck up a conversation with him that led to an agency rep agreement and a connection to another New York City based company that further both of their interests. One of Vantage ETC’s attractive service offerings is utility bill analysis. These offerings are attractive as there are no up-front costs and no cost at all if no cost savings or rebates are found. Vantage ETC takes a share of the rebates and / or savings in return for this service. Their most notable client for this service is Amtrak, for which they found $500,000 of past billing errors. EMS CONSULTING is an agency rep for Vantage ETC. >Click here to connect to their website.
Steve provides a number of sustainability services through EMS CONSULTING. During the last several years, Steve has trained fifty organizations and businesses to implement sustainable business practices. Steve was CEO of Wilton Armetale when the company conformed to the ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems and implemented Deming-based continuous improvement processes. The company also received the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence. Steve also spent two years with Natural Capitalism Solutions, a Boulder, Colorado-based sustainability consultancy. Wilton and EMS CONSULTING’s Weaver have known each other for 5+ years. Wilton is a respected and valuable network partner. >Click here to view Wilton’s bio.
Xcogen Energy, LLC is a New York City based energy company specializing in co-generation systems for commercial and industrial establishments. These systems are powered by natural gas and us gas turbines or reciprocating engines (such as Caterpillar GenSets) to generate electricity for on-site use and utilize the resultant heat to heat buildings, supply manufacturing processes and / or drive chillers for building cooling (counterintuitive, right?). Charles is quite knowledgeable about these systems and is a repository for expertise that is now available to EMS CONSULTING customers. EMS CONSULTING is an agency rep for Xcogen, about which we provide more information in the “Products” section.  Click here to connect to Charles Lazin’s profile on LinkedIn. Click here to connect to Xcogen’s website.
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