Environmental regulations are complex.  ENERGY, MATERIALS & SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTING LLC, (dba EMS CONSULTING) offers the expertise to assess the current state, recommend improvements, and implement and train clients to meet the standards.  Services and products typically fall within these 5 categories:

Regulatory Compliance (Environmental & OSHA)
Energy Efficiency & Conservation
Management Systems (ISO 50, 45, 22, 14 & 9)
Materials, Clean and Lean Manufacturing, and
Sustainable Companies, Systems, Equipment and Buildings

Services are delivered planning, implementation assistance and training.

•    Analyses, Assessments and Audits
•    Specialized and Customized Training
•    Plan Development
•    Certifications / Implementation Assistance
•    Consultation / Facilitation
•    Specialty Tools
•    Reporting
•    Permitting

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Management Systems

Management systems

Materials, Clean and Lean Manufacturing
Materials, lean and clean maufacturing
Sustainability and Green

Sustainability and green