Welcome to our Home Page. We’re glad you are here. This website has been designed with you in mind. We hope it is as functional and frustration-free as we’ve intended it to be. Here’s an overview.

We’ve placed information about us, our products, our services and how to contact us at locations that we believe are both easy to find and intuitive.

ENERGY, MATERIALS & SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTING LLC, (dba EMS CONSULTING) offers services and products within these 5 categories of our core competencies:

Regulatory Compliance (Environmental & OSHA)
Energy Efficiency & Conservation
Management Systems (ISO 50, 45, 22, 14 & 9)
Materials, Clean and Lean Manufacturing, and
Sustainable Companies, Systems, Equipment and Buildings

There is a webpage for each. Click on each topic to go the page on that topic. We’ve provided you with pages entitled “Home” (this one), “About Us”, “Products”, “Services”, “Partners”, “Docs” and “Contact” at the top and bottom of each page.

In addition, we’ve organized our services by the way we deliver them (i.e., training, implementation assistance, planning, etc.).

•    Analyses, Assessments and Audits
•    Specialized and Customized Training
•    Plan Development
•    Certifications / Implementation Assistance
•    Consultation / Facilitation
•    Specialty Tools
•    Reporting
•    Permitting

Happy browsing!

Regulatory Compliance


Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Management Systems


Materials, Clean and Lean Manufacturing
Sustainability and Green