At EMS CONSULTING, we offer the following environmental services. Click the links for a description of each.

Using in-house expertise or the capabilities of a trusted network partner, assess a firm’s environmental aspects, impacts and compliance requirements; provide report. Perform as part of an ISO 14001 implementation project or stand alone for companies not using ISO 14001 (this will be the majority of firms). Note: Can be married to a safety and health (OSHA) assessment to provide a snapshot of compliance with both programs.
Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments for Real Estate Transactions
About to buy or sell a property that has been contaminated or that has been or may have been used industrially or commercially during an earlier part of its existence? The laws require that the buyer be presented with a Phase I site assessment report identifying prior uses of the property and estimating the potential for site contamination. If suspected, a Phase II assessment will be required to analyze soil and perhaps groundwater samples and report on the findings. EMS CONSULTING environmental experts can perform both.
When certain activities or material storage is planned for a site where there is the potential for a spill that would impact human health and / or the environment, a PPC plan is needed to prevent a spill, to plan for the possibility of a spill, to prepare for a spill in the event one would happen and to mitigate the harm caused by it were it to happen. We’ve written dozens of compliant PPC Plans and can help you write yours – or write it for you.
For sites that have storage facilities for large quantities of hazardous materials that would pollute streams, rivers and / or large amounts of land, including those that could impact your neighbors, a PPC plan alone may not be enough. This would call for an SPCC plan that would meet the specific guidelines.
Regardless of what type of emergency plan you need, we can help you get up to speed with it, procure the tools, devices and systems needed to comply and train your employees to follow all aspects of the plan. We can do this – soup to nuts.
Over a broad regulatory scope, provide regulatory compliance assistance and guidance to your company. We can be your advocate with the regulatory agencies and obtain and interpret feedback we solicit from them on your behalf.
Certain environmental programs have periodic reporting requirements, including biennial reporting for residual and hazardous waste, air pollution control device efficiency analysis and calculations. We’ve done these for dozens of companies and know who needs what when. Let us help you with this.

EMS CONSULTING will apply for required environmental permits on your behalf: Air Quality, Water Quality, Solid Waste, Above- and Underground Storage Tank, etc. We will follow the process and ensure the issuing agency has all of the information they need to issue or deny the applied for permit. With appropriate lead-time, EMS CONSULTING will obtain the appropriate plan approvals and /or construction permits. Note that plan approvals will lead to operating permits when construction has been completed and the system has been inspected by the regulator(s). We can also help you renew existing permits before they expire.

Request for Determination (RfD)

If it is unclear whether a permit is required in a certain circumstance, we will gather appropriate information and submit a Request for Determination to the appropriate agency. If the answer is no – an outcome we will work towards – you will be able to proceed with your plans without being encumbered by the permitting process and its associated costs

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